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2015 Tecnam P2010


The Tecnam P Twenty-Ten brings together an advanced technology all carbon fibre fuselage with a metal wing to deliver a superlative single engine, 4 seat aeroplane, designed by Italy’s most innovative Aerospace design ‘guru’ Professor Luigi Pascale.

Item Description

Year: 2015
Serial No.: Above 027
Tail No.: Your choice
Condition: New

Powered by the well proven and reliable Lycoming IO-360-M1a (‘Lycoming Light’) engine, providing 180HP and 2700RPM. The Tecnam P Twenty-Ten has a high fuel capacity (210 litres). The fuel tanks are installed in the wing box, behind the main spar, to preserve their integrity in case of an accident. Carbon fibre equals a lighter and therefore more fuel efficient aeroplane.

Tecnam has always put the comfort for both pilots and passengers first. The Tecnam P Twenty-Ten with its spacious interior and its generous luggage compartment of 300 litres has been designed to be both a very enjoyable aeroplane to fly cross country as well as a robust trainer. The cabin width also allows for a large instrument panel, with its modular design specifically tailored to allow customers to fit either an analogue or digital instrumentation package. Starting at $324,000.

Composite material fuselage
Fixed gear with free castering nose wheel

Height: 2.64 m (8.70 ft)
Length: 7.54 m (24.7 ft)
Wing span: 10.50 m (34.4 ft)
Cabin width: 1.20 m (3.9 ft)
Cabin height: 1.22 m (4.0 ft)
Wing area: 14.60 mq (157 ftq)

Engine: Lycoming (IO-360-M1A 180hp 2700 RPM)
Fuel tank capacity: 210 lt (46.2 gal)
Cruise speed (75%, 6500 ft): 133 kts
Cruise speed (65%, 7500 ft): 128 kts
Stall speed (flap up): 52 kts
Stall speed (flap down): 48 kts
Best rate of climb: 1050 ft/m
Take off run: 245 m (804 ft)
Landing run: 200 m (656 ft)
Max take off weight: 1160 kg (2557 lbs)
Std. empty weight: 710 kg (1565 lbs)
Useful load: 450 kg (992 lbs)
Wing loading: 79.5 kg/mq
Power loading: 6.4 kg/hp
Practical ceiling: 15000
Cruice range: 660 nm